Business Technology Strategy - Why go to mobile now?

My mobile device journey started with my Blackberry in 2008. I was the general manager of the family restaurant and thinking of ways to reach hungry people on the go. We created a text & email special of the day, which brought customers into the restaurant. “More cash flow” are always magic words for the business professional.

In 2014, mobile devices have surpassed desktop computers in sales. You can see the history of the rise of mobile devices in the infographic “Will mobile internet replace desktop?” . Desktop computer motherboard development has already stopped at Intel in late 2012 (Followup story).  Now that we know that technology has moved forward again, what does that mean for the business owner in 2014?

“You have to start thinking about what types of content and media will be best suited for this device in terms of your customers’ expectations.” - Mitch Joel, Six Pixels of Separation (2009).

This quotation is one of the best that I have seen for the business owner in this area. Having a digital presence was essential in the 2000s. Establishing the online relationship is now essential for the 2010s. The new rules of the mobile movement is a starting point for the business owner/professional in this progressive area of technology.

from the book Six Pixels of Separation (2009) by Mitch Joel.
Italics comments by Peter Walker, CCBCC Technology Director.

1. New device = new rules.

2. Think in terms of tribes, not mass. What segment of your customers and community members would use this type of application and how will they spread it? A great reference book is Tribes by Seth Godin. - PW

3. Mobile adds a new dimension to all messages - make it work for the person in control of the device. Your content HAS to be fast and look good in the device. If there is no activity in 3 seconds, there is a 50% chance that the person will move on & never return. - PW

4. If you try to port an old way of doing things or content that you’re using in another channel to these channels, it will fail. Burn the ships. You will be at the Point of No Return. - PW

5. Think about what we had before podcasts and before PVRs (personal video recorders). Start from there and build with that success in mind.

6. If you can port content from TV to computer to smartphone, think about the level of control the user has. How will you make the time he spends with your brand really count? The best way that you can do this is by adding value. - PW

7. Start building a permission-based list of people who do want to be contacted via mobile. Email marketing is still the strongest form of digital marketing in 2014. - PW

8. Think about building a mobile application. Both iPhone and Android have their own application stores for mobile only. You don’t have to charge your customers money for your mobile app, as you want to be on their home screen while they are showrooming or are members of your tribe. - PW

9. Offer compelling incentives. The list will start off small; if you surprise and delight, you will be able to grow it more efficiently based on the “wow” factor of the offer. 

10. Establish conversation. Just look at what people are able to communicate in 140 characters on Twitter. You might just surprise yourself with how much you can share in a short message. The other essential social media source for the business professional is LinkedIn. - PW

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