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On Saturday, January 09, 2021 @ 1:00 PM the Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce will host its 2021 New Year Celebration. Toyota North America is this year's Gold Sponsor.

The keynote speaker for the occasion is Darren L. James, President and COO of KAI Texas and Board Chairman for the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce.

The first ever virtual affair will serve as the formal installation ceremony for the 2021 Installation of Officers and Board of Directors. The afternoon festivities will award several youth scholarships, Trailblazer Awards to local Collin County community leaders & business owners. The event will include a showcase of local vendors, silent auction and door prizes.


A Message From Our President

With tears in my eyes and pain in my heart, I mourn with you.  As we cope

with the Covid-19 pandemic and its disproportionate effects on our

country, the fabric of America also seems to unravel to the affirmation of

racial and social injustice.  While each of us may deal with our own

personal feelings as it relates to the unjustly murder of George Floyd,

Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tamire Rice and far too many more of our

brothers and sisters, I urge us to remain hopeful and continue to stand

for change. Standing in unity, let’s reflect on how we as a community...

as a Chamber family can contribute meaningful dialogue and plans of action

in the fight against inequality, discrimination, and racism of any kind. 

I am hopeful that we all find a voice to request those in authority within

public safety to recognize the humanity and dignity of African Americans.

It is also important that we communicate and have an open conversation

with our friends and/or colleagues of a different race.  Communication is

necessary for positive resolution. I would like to share a personal

experience.  In a recent conversation with a friend of a different race, I

was surprised to learn she took offense to “Black Lives Matter” as she

assumed it meant only “Black Lives Matter”. Because she was open to hear

and see from my lens as a black woman and have open dialogue, she was able

to understand the deeper roots of the BLM slogan.  While ALL lives matter,

I was grateful for the discussion and the chance to share that the meaning

of Black Lives Matter exceeds far beyond the literal term.  It is a

cause... a plea… a movement for change.   The message promotes awareness

of historical & habitual social inequality and police brutality against

Blacks.   It’s a proclamation and advocacy for change to abolish

injustice, lack of dignity, and disrespect of Black humanity.  Our simple,

yet important discussion caused her to openly share this new understanding

with her personal community.  To witness this shift in understanding was

beyond imaginable!

Friends, the fact remains that despite the numbness most of us feel, we

must still be mentally present for our family, our career and our

community.  We must still show up and showcase strength each and every

day.  Through it all, we, your Collin County Black Chamber understands

this and stand with you.  Please know we are committed to having ongoing

meaningful dialogue to address any form of racism, hatred and

discrimination.  Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce supports unity

and fairness among all mankind.  We choose love.   To our Members and

Community as a whole, I am hopeful that sharing my recent experience and

the unity many of us witness during the Frisco peace protest gives us all

a glimpse of hope.   Please keep the faith, remain hopeful and be

encouraged.  We will overcome TOGETHER.


Dee Dee Bates


Collin County Black Chamber

PO Box 3426

McKinney, TX 75070-9998

Hello CCBCC Members

Our continuous prayer is that you and your family remain healthy and safe during this Covid-19 pandemic.  We know it’s a time that is filled with unsettling concerns and uncertainties in the welfare of our country, however, we ask that you all stay strong, have faith and be encouraged.  God is in control.  We will get through this together.

During this time we will be changing how we deliver content and stay in touch with everyone. Please stay tuned and check your email and social media for updated events and information on how to stay safe and protect your business in these times. 


The CCBCC Leadership 

Upcoming Events

From Our President

I am excited and humbled to serve as your President. It is a time to build on our successes and continue to move forward, together. I am equally grateful for the hardworking Board Membership and Executive Committee Members, who tirelessly ensure events and programs are welcoming, engaging and....more

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Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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